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Kimberlite Diamond 2017 “Harmony” Series High Jewellery World Debut

On March 23 - 30, 2017, the world's leading jewellery event - the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show – was held in Switzerland. As a brand that has been invited twice in a row in 2015 and 2016, Kimberlite Diamond, again in this year, took part in this grand show and joined the family of top international brands in Hall No.2, where the "Harmony" Series High Jewellery product event was held on March 25. The shining jewels from the collection caught the eyes of both the home and foreign press. Mr. Yves Leterme, the former Prime Minister of Belgium, Mr. Leo F. W. Delcroix, the former Defense Minister of Belgium, Mr.René Kamm, CEO of the MCH Group, Mr. Dong Liusheng, Chairman of Kimberlite Diamond Group, and Mr. Dong Bo, CEO of Kimberlite Diamond Group, attended the event and delivered speeches. Mr. Yu Junjian, Chairman of the China Literature and Arts Association of Performing Arts Centre and a renowned Chinese tenor, gave a great performance. Holly, the famous hostess from Dragon Television, hosted the event.

Another visit to the Jewellery "Oscars"


Baselworld has become a tastemaker in the world of jewellery and watches. This jewellery "Oscars" is a top, unrivalled exhibition in the industry that attracts the world's biggest and best loved jewellery & watch brands. As a top jewellery brand from China that has been invited to the show three times in succession, Kimberlite Diamond, again, joined the family of top brands in Hall 2.1 this year, making good use of a stand area of 217㎡. It is the biggest jewellery display from a Chinese brand in the history of Baselworld.

This time, Kimberlite Diamond's showroom combined both Chinese and western styles to perfectly match the special design of the "Harmony" High jewels. With a blend of world trends and Chinese culture, these original, oriental works of art bring profound Chinese culture to the international world of jewellery, creating a more diversified Baselworld. The collection was highly praised by the media guests and the host.

Friends and Guests from Home and Abroad


On March 25, the "Harmony" Series High Jewellery product launch was held. At the beginning of the event, Mr. Dong Liusheng, Chairman of Kimberlite Diamond Group, and Mr. Dong Bo, CEO of Kimberlite Diamond Group, gave a warm welcome and thanks to the guests and the guest media. Two foreign friends of Kimberlite Diamond also delivered speeches.

Mr. Dong Bo gave a speech on behalf of Kimberlite Diamond Group. "Kimberlite Diamond is now 22 years old. We do not just sell diamond jewellery, but we also express diamond culture to every single customer. At the Baselworld event this year, with this new collection of high jewels, we do hope to bring the diamond culture of Kimberlite to more people around the world," said Mr. Dong. "Kimberlite Diamond will continue to promote and export China's broad and profound culture."

Mr. Yves Leterme, the former Prime Minister of Belgium and an old friend of Kimberlite Diamonds who has witnessed Kimberlite's participation in Baselworld on many occasions, attended the product event again this year and gave a speech. In his speech, Mr. Yves Leterme gave Kimberlite Diamond credit for the great progress and new achievements it has made in the last year. Mr. René Kamm, CEO of the MCH Group, expressed his warm welcome to Kimberlite for its 3rd appearance at the Baselworld event. He spoke highly of Kimberlite Diamond's contribution to a multi-cultural Baselworld show, and expressed Baselworld's willingness to continue working with Kimberlite Diamond for a win-win result on both sides.

"Harmony" High Jewellery Collection Product Event


On the afternoon of March 25, the much-anticipated 2017 Kimberlite Diamond "Harmony" High Jewellery Collection was finally unveiled. Accompanied by beautiful melodies and an exclusive dancing performance, dozens of "Harmony" jewels were presented by elegant models, catching the eyes of the whole audience.

From “Our Story” to the “Charm of China", Kimberlite has integrated traditional Chinese culture into diamond design to create numerous works of art. This year, Kimberlite Diamond continued to explore the culture and wisdom of the ancient oriental country. It collaborated with the famous English Jewellery designer, Ms. Sarah Ho, to create the “Harmony” High Jewellery Collection - over 50 art pieces full of Chinese romance and following the world trends – for Baselworld, the world's top jewellery show.

The “Harmony” collection is made up of three parts: Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Past and Present. In the collection, the art pieces "Flowing Streams", "Auspiciousness and Harmony", "The Light on the Land" and "The Source of Life" combine landscapes, birds, fish, springs, water lilies, trees and other lively natural elements to depict the harmony and inter-dependence between man and nature; "Birds Worshiping the Phoenix", "Exquisite Beauty", "Bamboo" and "Fortune Coming with Blooming Flowers" contain the Chinese wisdom of Yin and Yang - from Wu Xing (Five Elements), Taiji, trigrams, to Chinese paper cutting, sun and moon and the game of Go - and the harmony between the two elements; "A Lane in the Rain", "Phoenix Courtship", "Firecrackers for Wellness and Peace" and "Rosy Cloud Cape" embody auspicious symbols in Chinese culture, such as oil-paper umbrellas, phoenix-shaped coronets, moon-shaped fans, gourds and firecrackers, merging classic and modern styles. The "Harmony" high jewellery collection, inspired by profound Chinese traditions, creates a present-day “harmony” with modern design and innovation to link tradition with modernity, East with West, and humans to nature, interpreting Chinese elegance and enthusiasm!

Kimberlite Diamond “Classic & Flourishing Ages” Fine Jewellery Legend Debut Announcement


At the product event and during the Baselworld show, Kimberlite Diamond shared with the world a great piece of news: Kimberlite Diamond 2017 “Classic & Flourishing Ages” Fine Jewellery Legend Debut will be held on April 28, in Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing. This will be the first top diamond show to be held in the Imperial Palace. For this exciting debut, 60 sets of customized Chinese-style high jewels and a classic work of precious 30-carat diamonds, "Eternal Stars", will be displayed. The debut is planned and directed by Kimberlite’s old friend, Mr. Yu Junjian. State-level art teams, including a set design team led by the famous set designer Sha Xiaolan and a sound team led by He Biao, and 60 top models, one hundred dancers and another hundred singers will, together, present a wonderful, unparalleled and legendary diamond show.

As the host, Kimberlite Diamond has invited guests from home and abroad to the debut. A video was played to take a look ahead of the debut, which stoked new excitement among the audience. What does Kimberlite Diamond Chinese-style high jewellery have in store for us as it meets with the Imperial Ancestral Temple, the ultimate symbol of Chinese culture? Let's wait and see!

Kimberlite Diamond as an International Group: A New Chapter


2017 is an important year when Kimberlite Diamond starts to run as an international group. Participation in the Baselworld show, as an important part of the group's internationalization strategy, has proven to be rather successful. It has greatly improved Kimberlite Diamond's brand awareness and brand influence on the international market.

At the Baselworld show this year, Kimberlite Diamond brought more than one hundred high jewels and affordable diamonds and accessories to jewellery lovers, offering a "jewellery" feast for the eyes. The "Harmony" high jewels and their unique oriental charms have attracted lots of event goers, making them stop by and appreciate, including the sweet celebrity couple Mr. Yuan Hong and Mrs. Zhang Xinyi, who, together with many other event goers, excitedly enjoyed the sparkling and charming high jewels.

It can be said that these art pieces with profound culture and craftsmanship will lead a new trend in the industry. Kimberlite Diamond will continue crafting high jewels that embody Chinese traditions and carry original, oriental charms to blend the romance of China into the tides of the world!