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Harmony, a spirit that goes back to ancient times in Chinese history, is deeply rooted in the Chinese people. It is widely used in various Chinese sayings, such as "harmony among heaven, earth and mankind "" harmony is fecund", "moderation begets harmony", "harmony in diversity", "all nature in spring looks harmonious and lively", " harmonious times and bumper harvests", "the happily [and harmoniously] married couple", "working harmoniously for a common cause", "calm and harmony” and "harmonious society". Many Chinese sayings with the character “harmony" were created to cover every aspect of the lives of its people, and to pass on their wishes and love for a good life through the generations. In this character “harmony" live the ancient soul and magic of the eastern culture.

The "Harmony" high jewelry collection, inspired by profound Chinese traditions, carries these traditions into modern times. It revisits them in a modern way, creating a present-day “harmony” with modern design and innovation. Through this spirit inherited from ancient times and passed on to the modern day, the "Harmony" collection brings to view 3 universes: Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Past and Present. These 3 combinations communicate with the jewelry to link tradition with modernity, East with West, and humans to nature, interpreting Chinese elegance and enthusiasm.